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Kunal Saha

June 3, 2019

Ishtara-The Genesis

At a time when so-called fusion music and classical dance forms are the talking points of the day, in a path breaking effort Mom Ganguly and...

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Kounter Point

Counterpoint means “A musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies”. The Santoor-Flute Jugalbandis have attracted listeners of all kinds through the ages...

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Kunal and Pradyut

In 2015, Kunal along with his co-music composer, Pradyut Chatterjea, released their unique ever lasting Music Album named “Devonix”. The album features Bhajan Samrat Sri Anup...

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One Asia

In 2015, Since the beginning of 2012, Kunal embarked on performing Jugalbandi (Duet) concerts with young talented flautist, Soumyajyoti Ghosh. This Santoor-Flute Duo is known as...

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Kolkata Fashion Week

Kunal’s musical journey had been challenged during Kolkata Fashion Week 2012, for which he had composed exclusive compositions for a live fashion show. The highlight of...

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